Art Walk Show Notes and Prices

    It is the print that counts for me. The image on a computer monitor doesn't count at all. I think of these as being very similar to serigraph prints. The colors, paper, and effort are very similar. The pigment and paper combination for these prints are essentially permanent, they have been judged to be stable and fade free for a hundred years under normal storage conditions, far longer than the photographic prints in your family album.

    I prefer Epson Enhanced Matte paper for most of my prints, both for the longevity and cost. It requires a special black ink which is why the price for Hahnemule Lumijet Pearl (a glossy paper) prints below is higher than for larger Enhanced Matte prints even though the paper size is smaller. Changing inks is time consuming and expensive which means the price for multiple glossy paper images will be discounted. Although there are no prints larger than 13x19 in this exhibition, larger sizes of some images are possible.

    Almost all of the frames used here are for exhibition use. That is to say they are inexpensive and easy to reload. They are not of archival quality. Some prints are in good quality frames so that the "as shown" price is higher than the others. All prints are signed, dated, and numbered.

Title As shown Matte Print (up to 17x22)* Pearl Print (11x17)
12-String Guitar Vision $250 $175** $195
Dice $200 $175 $195
Goat Rock Seagull $200 $175 $195
Grand Canyon View $200 $175 $195
Griffin Mascot $200 $175 $195
Liquids and Lobster $250 $175** $195
Orange Nacelle $200 $175 $195
Pine in Sunlight $200 $175 $195
Pontiac Mascot $200 $175 $195
Propellor in Chrome $200 $175 $150***
Rainbow River Swimming Hole $200 $175 $150***
Red Hood with Waves $200 $175* $195
Silver Bark Study $200 $175* $195
Souvenir Stand $200 $175 $150***
Sterling Silver Lobster in Vineyard $200 $175 $195
Supercharger with Knives $200 $175** $150***
The Tides Wharf $200 $175 $195
Vineyard Oak $200 $175 $195

* This price is also the print only price, not framed.
** Maximum possible size for this image is less than 17x22
*** Existing print.

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